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Lexus has redesigned the ES 350 for 2013. The five-passenger ES sedan now comes with a powerful yet velvety-smooth V6 engine, a luxurious hi-tech interior and offers a comfortable ride. The all-new 2013 ES 350 is available in 350 and 350h (Hybrid) models.MORE
With the 2013 Toyota RAV4, the 4th generation of the admired crossover, the Volkswagen has introduced a new style of driving comfort under safety envelope. Notably, the RAV4 has no V6 in its series. The 2013 RAV4 also give out a third-row seat, the option that Toyota says fewer shoppers deemed impor...MORE

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Ross Kenneth Urken

The Danger For Pets On The RoadIf it´s any indication of the danger free-roaming pets face in a vehicle, New Hampshire, the country´s only state that does not have a mandatory seat belt law, actually requires dogs to buckle up.Live free or die, goes the state´s motto, but Spike and Spot don´t have that liberty. And with due reason. Seven other states, Connecticut, California, Massachusetts, Nevada...more
AOL Autos Staff

Police officers invoked the ire of drivers in Beverly, Mass. after they issued warnings and locked the doors of cars that had been left unlocked, even if the keys were still inside.The police officer´s actions, while perhaps a bit invasive, did have drivers´ best interests at heart, as stealing components from unlocked vehicles has been a rising trend for car thieves over the past couple of years....more
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